Soccer Showcase Tournaments Attending: 2018 Phoenix Cup
BioGYSA United Team Fury formed in May of 2016.  We began our journey in Division 8 for 2016-17 POSOL year, placing 4th in season 1.  We capped 2016 with a Championship in the Legacy Holiday Classic, our very first tournament.  We finished 2016-17 POSOL year with a 1st place in season 2, earning promotion to Division 7.  We lost several teammates over the summer of 2017, only to find even new energy and dynamic with several new additions.  For the 2017-18 POSOL year we jumped up to Division 5, and with only 1 loss, placed 1st in season 1, earning promotion to Division 4.  We just finished the 2017-18 POSOL season 2 undefeated in Division 4, completing three consecutive POSOL seasons finishing in 1st place.  The Phoenix Cup is our second tournament playing up at U13 level as we look forward to the 2018-19 POSOL year on the 11v11 pitch.  Our dedicated and highly skilled coach, Graeme Clark, who hails from Scotland, places a higher priority on player development (soccer skills and personal character) and team building over scores and ranks.  Together we are United.

Paul Scipione
Team Manager

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