Rated Sports Group™ has teamed up with FC Florida and together the two are gearing up to hold a pair of soccer tournaments in Palm Beach, Florida. The two tournaments – the Florida Coast Cup Showcase and Coastal Jr. Cup – are both set to take place in 2017.

The Florida Coast Cup ShowcaseFebruary 18-20 – Palm Beach, FL – USAThe Coastal Cup showcase will be held over President’s Day weekend and will draw 200 competitive teams from around the country comprised of elite players in the U14 through U19 age bracket. The three-day tournament will provide players a chance to be seen in action by over 100 coaches from colleges around the country.

The Coastal Jr. Cup September 2-4 – Palm Beach, FL – USA
Set for later in the year, over Labor Day weekend, the Coastal Jr. Cup will draw 300 competitive teams featuring players in the U8 through U14 age bracket.
Both tournaments are part of RSG’s ongoing Worldwide Soccer Showcase Series.

“We here at FC Florida are very excited about the prospect of working with such a great company like Rated Sports Group,”

“We have just started working with this group and already we can see how professional they are and what they can bring to our tournaments.”

Tom Power, Director of Coaching for FC Florida.

RSG has a history of staging successful youth soccer tournaments and its events draw professional and college scouts from across North America and beyond. RSG and Florida FC are united in their shared commitment to staging world-class soccer events that help further the development of committed youth level players.

“The FC Florida mission is the same as our brand and vision, drawing the best athletes and teams into our program, period,” explains Jorden Scott, Director at Rated Sports Group.Unlike many soccer development organizations, FC Florida’s philosophy is based around a unique club structure. While other programs value results and putting the team first, FC Florida puts the development of the individual player first. These core values, of putting player development ahead of results and basing all decisions on what’s in the best interest of the players, are part of what distinguishes FC Florida from other youth soccer organizations. The club’s programs are intended to foster the concepts of cooperation between teammates, helping teammates, learning to trust others and to be respectful of fellow teammates.
FC Florida understands that above all else, playing soccer is a leisure activity that should be enjoyed and that every player deserves to play. These core principles guide the club in terms of ensuring that every player is placed in the appropriate program or training group based upon their individual goals in soccer.

 “After reviewing many opportunistic partnerships, we felt FC Florida was the perfect fit for our tournament series along with an incredible group of club members to work with along the way,” explains Michael Rocca, Managing Director of Rated Sports Group.”Further enhancing the existing President Day soccer tournament is going to draw tourists and boost the economy of Palm Beach and the surrounding areas.”

As one of the most influential youth sporting event organizers in the country, RSG leverages deep ties to the soccer community and has a long track record of running successful soccer tournaments. Participating in RSG’s events is a means by which clubs like FC Florida can grow faster, generate more income, and most importantly, help more players develop to their full potential within the game.

For FC Florida’s Tom Power, partnering with Rated Sports means “More teams, better organization, great marketing, greater reach to soccer clubs all over the country and top people working on aspects of our events.” For information on more upcoming events in RSG’s World Soccer Showcase Series, visit: https://soccershowcase.com/

About FC Florida- FC Florida is the premier soccer club in Palm Beach County; Martin County and St. Lucie County. The FC Florida mission is to provide instructional and competitive soccer playing opportunities through specific programming designed for the individual development of players regardless of their level of play. In order to accomplish this mission, FC Florida offers a variety of soccer programs, each with specific objectives and philosophies. The club’s overarching philosophy is rooted in the belief that winning games is ultimately just a byproduct of putting players first and upholding its expected duty to do what is in the best interest of individual players and their development.  http://www.fcflorida.org/

About Rated Sports™
Rated Sports Group is one of the most influential and recognized your sporting event organizers in North America. Originally formed by running small sided camps and tournaments for local teams in California and Toronto, Rated Sports Group is a recognized brand behind the Umbro Top Rated Showcase, NYC Cup and Phoenix Desert Cup, which draw the elite teams from around the globe to compete at great venues and cities across the nation. http://ratedsports.com/

For detailed information about the upcoming Soccer Showcase Series
in Florida, 
Please visit: http://floridacoastcup.com