The YASC Spartans FC sending their Grils 2002 team to the

About the YASC Spartans:

The Yucaipa Athletic Soccer Club (YASC) Spartans FC G02 is proud to be participating in our second year of Coast Soccer League’s Premier division. YASC-Spartans FC G02 is based in Yucaipa, at the foothill of the San Bernardino Mountains. Liam Muirhead has been training our team since we started in the Bronze U-10 division. The hard training and guidance from Liam, has helped the team excel to the Premier level of play. We are proud to be part of the Spartans family and owe our roots to desire to provide a place for everyone to play soccer and grow in strength and character through community. The players on this team are committed to academic success by taking honors and AP courses and volunteering in community and church functions. They are training hard to improve their technical and tactical skills on the field so they can be ready for High school and future College level of play. Spartans FC G02 truly values the idea of developing players and stresses the importance of individual improvement and accountability in every practice and game.

Our goal this year is to continue to develop as a team, raise our standards once again, and be competitive at the Premier Level. GO Spartans FC G02!

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