Rated Sports Qualifiers will feature a team-based merit structure that awards each participating age group’s Champion finisher with a complimentary entrance to a correlating Rated Sports Qualifier event. 


  • To become an official Rated Sports Qualifier, your team must be named the champion of your respective group in tournament play. Once crowned a champion for your respected group, your team will earn a FREE entry into the next qualifying tournament.

    Example: Participate in the Phoenix Cup and win the championship, automatically qualify for the Texas Super Cup.

  • ALL champions in all age groupings qualify for free entry. 

    Example: If BU15 has 3 brackets (diamond, super pro, super elite) BU15 Diamond Champions, BU15 Super Pro Champions and BU15 Super Elite Champions would all earn free entry into qualifying event.

  • Apply into the qualifying tournament as usual, Rated Sports will accept and apply the credit for your team.
  • No, your entry fee is considered paid and there is no additional cost around the entry fee.
  • Yes! Coaches of teams that are named champions in their respective age bracket may receive a complimentary hotel stay with their teams earned room pickup. For more details and availability must prearrange with housing through an email request. Email [email protected] All teams must follow the stay and play policy.
  • If your team is travelling from out of state and/or over 125 miles, you are required to abide by stay and play policy. For additional information regarding hotels, please contact Madison – [email protected] – 805-741-3475
  • If your team’s player ID cards are still valid for your qualifying tournament you are permitted to play. Unfortunately, teams that age out and no longer have valid ID cards may not compete in the qualifying tournament.
  • NO, teams are not required to use the entry. Keep in mind, if you do not use it, you lose it! 
  • NO, qualifier entry is non-transferrable to any other tournament.
  • NO, qualifier entry is non-transferrable to another year.
  • NO, qualifier entry is non-transferrable to another team.
  • NO, qualifier entry is not redeemable for money/refund/credits.